We used Futral Construction to replace floor joists in our century old house. No crawl space so ingenuity was at a premium. Our job was done in a very timely manner , the results were outstanding and the cost was extremely good. There were several other items that were taken care of for us from minor landscaping , railroad tie replacements, new roof on our garage and pressure washing the entire house and porch. We would not hesitate to use Bill Futral and his company for any other projects we might have. This was a great experience from start to finish.
SK Knobel
Bill came very highly recommended from friends who used Futral Construction to build their house in Clayton. As I know my friends to have very high quality standards, I contacted Bill. His communication is excellent. He and his workers came up with innovative solutions that helped keep down costs while achieving the desired results. The jobs were done in a timely fashion despite the horrendous winter. Also I have been able to contact Bill about help with problems unrelated to the job he was doing for us. We look forward to using Futral Construction for any future projects we have!
Ali 177
Bill did an outstanding job and we would highly recommend him for any project – large or small.
This was the first home that we built from the ground up, and we live out of state, so it appeared at first to be a daunting task. However, Bill made the whole project as painless as possible. His work is of the highest quality, and he has a great sense of what works, what doesn’t work, and where your construction dollars are best spent. Although the construction was at “cost-plus”, he was able to give very accurate estimates of what the final cost would be.
Futral Construction is owned by Bill Futral. He did a remodeling job for us. We found him to be very helpful, very professional, with many thoughtful ideas in working with an older home remodel. He kept on task and finished the job in a timely manner. We would highly recommend him and his crew.
Barbra L Davis
Futral Construction did an amazing job with an approximately 1000sf addition to our house. Started in February of 2010, the addition included a master bedroom with vaulted ceiling, an office, closets, screened porch with stone fireplace, and exterior decks. The job was extremely tricky because it involved tying in to the existing house along one entire side of the house, as well as the fact that we were living in the house most of the time. We could not have been more pleased with the process and the results. Bill Futral, his crew, and subs were all totally professional and did top shelf work. I would never use another company for any building needs other than Futral.
FP Bowen
Bill Futral is a premier builder who remains responsive to his clients each step in the remodeling or building process. We have enjoyed the best built home we ever had since 2006 and if deciding to build again, would not hesitate to enlist Futral Construction. Could not have been more pleased to see the result and if building can be enjoyable, it was.
Corp Care
Bill Futral and his construction company have provided us with a wonderful reconstruction of our deck. The new design is fabulous and a great addition to our home in the mountains. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable and his crew of men likewise. We had an absolute deadline and he met it with time to spare.
Paula Howe
We (luckily) found Bill Futral through word of mouth after months of searching for a builder we felt understood what we were trying to build and who had a reputation for not only excellent work but integrity. Our one previous build experience on a different home was a disaster that left us with a job half done that had to be finished by someone else. It left us very nervous as working with a builder is a lengthy, personal experience that in the end requires a bit of a leap of faith in the beginning. Well, we will NEVER use another builder, for anything, big or small. Bill’s character is impeccable and he built us a top notch quality home. Not only that, but my husband and I feel that way about everyone who works with him. I was actually a bit sad to see them go in the end.
Bill is very good at making you feel like anything is possible, but then giving you the practical data regarding cost & timing so you can make the decisions (unless you want him to do so). I was very hands on and if I did drive him crazy, he did not make me feel like I did!
Not only that, but we build this house in the mountains starting from raw land and live 2 hours away. I went up when I could, once a week to check in and see how things were going, but this truly required a good relationship & trust.

I cannot give Bill a higher recommendation. He is impeccable in his word & his work. Using Bill would mean your build experience would be a pleasure. I don’t know many other people, if any, that can say that.